Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water Resistance Ratings of Casio Watches

Water resistance rating for watches is very important. This indicates states the capacity a wristwatch can be used when underwater. It is one of the most important features for any wristwatches as most people explore and travel a lot and are thus highly likely to go underwater at some point in their lives. This is also important to keep in mind for the sweats.

Casio wristwatches are water resistance but there are certain levels. They have developed and researched a lot since a long time. Their innovation is to provide the best quality possible and to allow the function and comfort while swimming or even diving.

With all the features of wristwatches, the water resistance rating may often be overlooked and misunderstood. When you see back side of your wristwatch, then there one question may arise- What on the watch saying “50M water resistance”? Actually, this simple word contains a lot of information and precautions when wearing the timepiece under water.

Unfortunately, very few of us understand what it really indicate and what their standards are meant. Here we will try to discuss a careful analysis will be explained in details about the Water Resistance in this article.

Depth by Meter of water resistance:

Before starting the different standards, Firstly, let’s look at few common questions often asked by watch owners. What does the “Meters” sign actually mean? And what activities are affected per meter listed? OK! Here is the proper explanation by Casio, and as a rule of thumb, they have explained the allowances of the watches and restrictions for each depth states.

Water Resistance Ratings
Picture Credit: casio-Intl.com
  • Water resistance: Recommended to wear when water is splashed on the watch where no pressure is placed.
  • 50m water resistance: Recommended to wear around sinks and at activities such as normal swimming, athletic sports, and at the shallow waters only. That means you can’t Snorkeling and underwater diving.
  • 100m water resistance: It is recommended to wear around sinks and simple activities such as swimming, sports, poolside diving, and snorkeling. But not for Jet skiing and scuba diving.
  • 200m water resistance: Recommended to Wear around sinks, regular swimming, sports, seating, snorkeling and most jet skiing also allowed but not scuba diving.
  • Diver’s watch: Recommended to Wear at all the above-mentioned activities and besides that scuba diving is allowed but except at instances and depths where helium gas is needed.

Depth by ATM & BARS:

BARS  refer to the pressure use on an object under water. It’s easy to remember and to convert as 1 bar is equal to 10 meters or 32 feet. In the terms of ATM is a commonly know as the short forms of Atmosphere which are referred to air pressure above water. To start with, 1 ATM is the natural pressure at sea level. 10 ATM means that the watch can resist the pressure of ten times the amount of sea level pressure without dropping to the water pressure.

As an example, If a watch is rated at 100 meters, you can go down to underwater into that distance theoretically. If your watch is rated as such, be sure to give a bit of an adjustment at the depth. Even the moving water can also create an extra pressure and for that actual result may differ.

Conversions between bars, ATM, and distance:

1 bar is equals to 1 ATM which is equals to 10 meters or 32 feet. So, we convert 10 ATM = 10 bars = 100 meters underwater, or 10 ATM = 10 bars = 320 feet underwater

Here is the quick summery-

  • 20 ATM= 200 meters or 640 feet = 20 bars
  • 30 ATM = 300 meters or 960 feet = 30 bars
  • 50 ATM = 500 meters or 1600 feet = 50 bars
  • 100 ATM = 1000 meters or 3200 feet = 100 bars


There are a lot of terms but it’s really useful if you understand concerning the standards of water resistance. Do some research if possible or just refer our above tips to take a decision in order to assess which type of watch fits best according to what you do and what you need.

If you are not familiar with all these terms, It may be confusing but knowing this terms will help you to buy the perfect wristwatch.


What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?

What Does mean Casio Japan Movt. Cased in China?

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Now the world is too much faster in technology and all are in super competition to introduce new products at affordable price. To cut down the price of the final product there are several ways. And using the low-grade material or by reducing the production cost where labor cost is less. In this case, Casio chooses the second option. Instead of compromising the product quality they successfully find cheaper labor market like China, Thailand, Philips etc. Is that a bad idea? What does buyer really think about it?
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Stopwatch- Best timer for Professional use

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This 4,500 Taka device could save thousands of Dollars and increase your business reputation for on-time delivery of your shipment. If you are a sports guy this device is a must-have for your daily workout and practice to improve in every single second.

World’s fastest man “Usain Bolt” or the world’s 2nd largest Ready-Made Garment Industry in Bangladesh; has come to this stage by super utilizing the time and will power.


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    • Calculator makes Calculation swift & faster
    • It’s simple and easy to use
    • Calculator is better than Smartphone Calculator for specific functions
    • No need to Charge (Single battery could run more than 3 years or lifetime with Solar Power function)
    • Scientific functions are very easy on Calculator

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    How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

    How to Choose the Best Watch Brand in Bangladesh

    Buying New Watch? Then think again before you invest in it!

    If you are planning to buy new watch especially latest models of Watch then you should take 5 minutes from your busy life and read this article, trust me in next 5 minutes you will change your mind for sure.

    Are you just buying a regular watch or thinking to buy something special?

    Looking stylish is often hard today as trends change so quickly. Fads come and they go. But, one thing is permanent and that is having something on your wrist that is both in fashion and is useful as well. This is why a wristwatch has been a part of men’s and women’s clothing for more than 500 years. Peter Heinlein it is believed starting from humble beginnings that culminated in the first German crafted timepiece in the 15th century. He created them to be worn around the next. Later, other makers made them even smaller that could be worn on the wrist. From then on, it was a race to see who could make the best.

    In the 60’s the first Quartz crystal electric watches came on the market and by the 80’s they were the predominate timepiece throughout the world as mechanical watches couldn’t compete with the accuracy of the tuned crystal inside each one.

    Nowadays they come in all colors and sizes for men and women alike. However, the fashions change the wristwatch is right there riding the crest of whatever is in style or catches the public’s fancy.


    Today we are going to look at one of the most trendy and fashionable lines of watches available at an economical price that provides accurate time, versatility, and a flair for the style you want in your life.

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    Ladies Fashion Watch

    Women’s are always looking for new looks with new ornaments and a stylish wristwatch is the a top priority. So here we have sort top 8 Casio ladies fashion watch. This top 8 ladies watches comes in different colors so you will have a completely new taste on each.

    Today we are presenting Casio LTP-1241D series of watch that comes in 8 awesome colors.

    This is an amazing collection of original Casio Ladies watch. This watch has a nice shiny black dial with day function. This bracelet looks simple but elegant watch will make your arm more attractive. It will increase your visibility while you are with your friends of in an office party or outdoor for a hangout.

    Casio Ladies Wach. Model: LTP-1241D-1A


    Edifice Watch – Exclusive Gold tone Collection

    Edifice Watch – Exclusive Gold tone Collection

    Edifice Watch Gold tone collection in Bangladesh:

    Edifice watch is one of the prime model made by Casio, Japan. Casio Edifice Watches has many different colors, design, features & functions. With the finest finishing of Golden color on the Authentic Casio Edifice Watch is an excellence. It shine on hand like Gold. With all the Latest innovation of Casio and with the Golden color touch; This series of Gold tone watch become one of top seller as Limited Edition watch.

    Gold is a symbol of elegant, but the use of gold is limited for the Gent’s and watch fill that gap very smartly. Wristwatch is the best ornaments for Gents and with Golden color it gets new level of elegance. 

    If you are looking something very special to gift your Father or someone you want to show your respect and love; then this Limited Edition Casio Edifice Gold tone watch could be the best for you. Beside all other models, we will try to cover top 5 models of Edifice Gold tone watch which has won million’s of peoples heart globally. Here is the best sellers of gold tone edifice watch which already has something special on it and we will try to focus on that. Sometimes it’s not possible to know all the positive and negative before buying it but if you do some study you will got to know all the exciting news about it. So, let’s see what is waiting for us today on this top models of Gold tone Authentic Casio Edifice Watch
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    G-Shock Watch Collection in Bangladesh

    G-Shock Watch Collection in Bangladesh

    If your age between 15 to 35 or if you are still young in mind, then you must know at least something about G-Shock watch. Casio G-Shock is a special series of Watch made with Military grade material for drop, vibration and shock proof. With super combination of attractive Color and design G-Shock watch become most popular watch series to the young generation. Most of the G-Shock watch comes with digital or combination of analog and digital (Ana-Digi) functions. Some of this watches comes with simple design and some of the G-Shock watch comes with lot more other functions and sensors that makes G-Shock watch so amazing and useful. If you notice Hollywood movies, you may often find some sort of big dial watch with many functions is mostly Casio G-Shock watch.


    G-Shock watch is designed to be rugged and durable in mind. If you are looking for a long lasting and attractive modern watch then every would suggest you to buy G-Shock watch. Today we will try to discuss few secret things about the G-Shock watches and why and how this series of Casio watch become so popular to the young generation? Before that lets summarize few Top selling G-Shock watch in Bangladesh-
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    Digital Watch – Top 5 Men’s Watch 2016 in Bangladesh

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    Digital Watch is most popular in all age range. Teenagers love to have a digital watch as their first watch because it’s damn easy to read the time accurately.

    Digital watch is very popular for the sports men. With lot more added features Digital watches become unbeatable. With the touch of modern technology Digital watch become more useful and near to our daily life. Modern digital watches comes with lot more special functions including Altimeter, Direction (Digital Compass), Hear Rate, Fitness, Steps counting, Calories and much more than just to show the time. Read more

    Sports Watch in Bangladesh

    Sports Watch in Bangladesh

    Sports Watch is a special category of wrist watch. It comes with several special functions. In recent days Sports Watches comes with many latest technology in built including- Fitness, Tracking, steps, direction along with the regular stop watch, alarm, chronograph & Tachymeter functions. Sports watch is very famous in digital series of wrist watch. Sports watches are highly demanding and best quality with light in weight. Sports type watch is rugged and durable than other series of watches. Sports watch made with special combination of sporty and colorful.

    In present day’s sports watches are so much more advanced and useful in function that will makes your life easier than ever. You might be shocked to know that what a good sports watch can do now.

    Here are the top rated Sports Watch details according to the various aspects. If you are looking for best quality of Sports watch then Casio could be the first in line. Casio Sports watches are highly demanding due to it’s true usability of the field. If you are fond of sports then you may wish to think which features should have a sports watch?  So, here we come across some real facts that you should consider before buying your next sports watch- Read more